The seventh group of allies to work alongside a Crusader, the Skia was a loss trio of skilled and powerful individuals. They derived there name from the Shadow-men, who insultingly refereed to them as "Shadows" in there native tongue. It should be noted that information from the ongoing Nexus will be added as needed. Back to The Guardians of Zion

Trent Simeon Edit


Born at an unknown point. to unknown parents, on an unknown planet, Trent grew up on the streets and in general had a rough upbringing. However, he remained in good cheer and eventually escaped, becoming a small time mercenary pilot in the Nieth Sector. However, he was eventually double crossed and stranded on a desolate planet, where he met and joined with the temporarily de-powered Crusader Jade. Joining in her quest against the Herald, the good-natured pilot was killed not long after by the agents of The Peoples Union. However, his body was recovered by forces serving the source behind the Herald and taken to the Yancor, where he was resurrected and transformed into a super human cyborg servant of Cube, before freeing himself and rejoining the Skia. Trent possessed a rarely used orange Phase-blade.

Abel Edit


Abel had a long history with the Crusaders, even before he met Jade. Studying directly under Jason during the later's time in the Nieth Sector, Abel became an extremely heroic, if overly idealistic, adventurer. However, he was completely outmatched by the arrival of the Herald, and after his failure to save the Bel'ovin people he retreated and went into hiding. However, he was eventually discovered by Jade who convinced him to join her in freeing Nieth and beyond. Although still cynical, Abel regained a lot of his former optimism after the Heralds destruction. Generally considered the second most dangerous Skia, behind only Jade, Abel expertly wielded a dark purple Phase-blade.

River Savas Bel'ovin Edit

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The last ruler of the mighty Bel'ovin people, River was a strong willed and fierce fighter. The first female leader in centuries, River was determined to prove herself a great queen and wise leader. However, disaster struck when the Bel'ovin's refusal to join the Peoples Union lead to them betraying there home-worlds location to the malevolent Herald. In the resulting attack, only River herself managed to escape, with the help of Abel. In mourning, River forsake her last name for that of her people and dedicated herself to revenge. As such, she eagerly joined Jade and The Skia, her skills proving instrumental on several occasions. To her great joy, River eventually discovered that other members of her species had survived there home-worlds holocaust. River was an expert duelist and preferred her emerald Phase-blade and claws over guns in combat.