The Flytrap

The Flytrap is The Mercenaries' finest mutant. the bulking creature is the size of a big house. and strong enough to smash one without realizing it.The Flytrap was engineard to take down Ranger, as allot of things are.

Stats Edit

Quick Stats: Edit

height: 20-40'

Strength: Rancor.

Average Speed: 10-20 MPH

Looks: Edit

Ugly. Being the size of a small dragon, this mutant out sizes allot of thing. having small eyes and big gaping jaw.

Armor/Shields: Edit

The Flytrap has no shields. however this dosn't mean its weak. Its skin is thick enough for a 50 caliber mini-gun to not cause permanent damage and just make it mad. Its also is pumped full of chemicals that allow it to regenerate any wounds.

Weapons: Edit

There is no weapon on this behemoth to speak of. it realises completely on its hands.