The Eagle is Ranger's main ship in Into the Void and was originally a heavy cruiser. That is until Ranger got it. now heavily modified until its only resemblance to what it was before is its hule.

Stats Edit

Quick Stats: Edit

The Eagle-0

Length: 321 Meters

Top Speed: unknown - Difficult to tell

Weapons: - 30

Looks Edit

The Eagle looks like what would happen if you cut the saucer and neck and flipped over The Enterprise D.

Armor / Shields Edit

The Eagle's armor is made out of Ionized Duranium. A sturdy and common alloy. The ship boasts 3 types of shields: Delecter, Deflects solids like missiles and asteroids, Absorbers, Absorbs energy such as Blasters and Phasers, and Incentagration, does what it says on the tin.


The Eagle has 30 weapons:

8 Parsers, 2 Laser Emitters, 12 Different Missile launchers, 2 Blaster Cannons, 2 Turbo Lasers, and 2 ION Cannons.

Power Source

The Eagle uses a Code-duct engine. Which surprisingly enough The Code-Duct Engine was made by a sincetis to travel through time so that his employers could catch The Eagle and works in a similar way to a 'Reaper' engine.