The Guardians of Zion

Born just after the Great Song ended, Rift is young for a star. Having not witnessed Creation, she was not left in a awe-filled slumber like her older relations, and quickly became bored and impatient with her "slow and dull" people. Still, she managed to not alienate everyone and grew up with a close circle of friends. Like all stars though, she had no direct family and, unlike most, she had no planets either. At first, this did not bother her: She was content in her solitude, thinking and dreaming of all the adventures a Star could have. But as she saw her friends caring for and guiding entire civilizations, she began to feel a crushing loneliness, one that could not be fulfilled by her reserved, solitary people. So it was that, unlike the rest of her people, Rift took a great interest in the people who lived in the physical realm. Everything about them fascinated her, from their families to their sleeping. But their ability to truly travel, unlike the stationary Stars, in particular caught her eye, especially once they achieved space travel and began trekking through space alongside the Stars themselves. But not everything she saw in the physical races was good: They possessed an ability for cruelty and wickedness she had never before seen. The apathy of the Stars meant there was little in the way of great good among them, but also meant there was very little evil as well: the wars and slaughters Rift witnessed in the physical world chilled her to the bone. Fear kept her away from the other Races of the Universe for centuries.

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