A Multiversal Traveler, the being known as Ranger came from a far away Universe, but has still worked with the Crusaders on occasion. Back to Index


Although his real name is not known, Rangers origins are still repetitively straight forward. Growing up on a backwater "modern" day world(Earth), Ranger's life changed permanently when a battlecrusier belonging to the Black Robots (a brutal race of conquest mad machines) crashed on his house, almost killing him. However, he survived due to the intervention of a magic sword, which placed him in a coma for the next three years. Once he woke up, Ranger's life and personality had been completely over written by the mystical weapon. Stealing the sword, Ranger took control of a star ship from the black market and fled his planet. He spent the next 2,000 years adventuring throughout the Omniverse (aka all Multiverses.) adapting many different aliases, his favorite being Ranger. Although he has been criticized as extremely reckless and carefree, Ranger is firmly on the side of good, being responsible for the defeat of many MANY villains. Eventually winding up in the Horizons Universe (and after an initial battle with them) Ranger would become something of an ally with the Crusaders.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Ranger blade

Ranger's sword

"Ranger" is not actually a Horizons character at all. Instead, he is a Omniversal traveler created by my Younger Brother after listening to my constant rants about Horizons. Although they technically don't belong in the same Universe, Crusaders and Ranger have met several times and worked together.