Jordan Littlefeild is one of the two men who Ranger trusts enough to 'try out' The Sword. Back to Index

Bio Edit

Jordan Littlefield started his carer in Dessert storm. then proceeded to help take out the 5 biggest terrorist threats to the US. afterwards he got promoted to General and sent home to act as leader of the national guard and to relax in a less stressful job. it didn't work out that way when he got called to investigate a meteor crash. when he arrived he found a man, the sole survivor, staggering with a sword before he fell face first. further investigation showed that it was a Battle Cruiser fell on the area flattening it. In 3 years he had been placed in charged of Project PE (Protect Earth). though the project didn't see action until another year. after that battles came in as did promotions. When he got promoted to five star general disaster struck. a man named Code came for the 3rd time and for once it was Ranger who got pushed into an alternate dimension. a year passed while Code ruled. and Jordan now leads The Resistance of America (RoA). and Ranger made it back. this ended in a abandon wear house where half of RoA's troops got killed. after Code got sent back to his dimension it took a year to clear out the rest of Code's followers. by that time Jordan got another promotion, this time as President of The Free World. A country spanning from North America to Europe to 1/3 of Africa, South America and Asia.