The many Horizons are host to many stories, some of them true, some no more than myth. The adventures of the Crusaders are cataloged in some realities as nothing more than television programs and motion pictures. They are mentioned below The Guardians of Zion

Film I Edit

The film opens with an attack on a small medieval village. The leader of the village and his wife suspect more than a simple attack from the locale warlord and are proven right when a black cloaked enforcer attacks and kills them, right after they hide their twin sons.

A young boy in the Confederacy's capital watches the massacre from afar. The narrative then fast forwards several decades and switches to Eleanor, a young doctor taking part in a medical missionary effort to the warlords lands.

However, her defenseless party is betrayed and attacked, before being saved by a trio of locale renegades. Spirited away to their hiding place (A broken down freighter ship) the trio (Brothers Skid & Jack, and their friend, Arthur) explains that the warlord is kept in power by mysterious backers high up in the Confederate government.

The three boys had met in the warlord's palace as slaves, before they escaped and became Robin Hood-esquire figures. Meanwhile, the young boy from the beginning (Mike) returns from a successful off-world hunt, only to find a Asynithis (Mage) by the name of Psi waiting for him.

She insists that he must follow her in order to preserve destiny and, after some disagreement, the bounty hunter relents. Skid takes Eleanor to show her his Father's records, and together the two determine that he was a prominent politician before moving to the less advanced way of life.

More importantly, they discover he apparently knew the location of an invaluable superweapon located in the Warlords lands. While the two others decline their offer to go along with them, Skid and Eleanor head to the Confederacy's near by Capital to seek answers.

Psi and Mike arive immediately after they leave and briefly fight Jack and Arthur before the sides declare a truce. Mike recognizes the ancient Freighter as salvageable and sets about repairing it, while Psi sticks around, convinced they are all connected by destiny.

A month passes and, after the initial culture shock, Skid has made great progress in discovering the circumstances around his father's departure from “civilization” and his eventual death.

However, when he digs too deep the enforcer from the beginning of the film is sent to kill him. Skid manages to escape, but Eleanor is captured and Skid allows himself to be taken captive when her life is threatened.

When brought before the Enforcer and Warlords master (Via View-screen) however, he reviles he sent a distress call back to his brother before being captured. The “Father” is incredulous about his friend's ability to come to their rescue, but they arrive in the repaired Freighter (The Explorer) and saves Skid and Eleanor.

They bring news, however, that the Enforcer is leading an attack on the Warlords lands, his master's plan now being to wipe everyone out and seize the weapon then. With some difficulty, due to the Explorers age and less than stellar condition, the now group of six returns in time for the final battle between the Warlord's forces and the Confederate Shock Troopers.

Outnumbered and outgunned, and after Arthur slays the Warlord (His father), the medieval forces are decimated and the protagonists prepare for a last stand to buy enough time for the innocents to flee.

However, Mike taps into the core systems of the Explorer and discovers IT is the coveted weapon, due to it's unique engine system. After the Enforcer is killed, the group of six flee Lyra Capella in order to spare their friends and family from the Father's (And his shadowy organization's) wrath.

Together, the friends agree to become a band of Adventurers.

After Credits Scene: A new enforcer bows before the Father’s blurred image on a viewscreen, who informs his follower that the films events have awakened “Something...Great”. It then cuts to a figure cloaked in shadows sitting on a throne, who slowly looks up and reveals his eyes to be glowing with golden energy.

Film II Edit

On the desolate, mountainous planet of Qala, three separate parties simultaneously infiltrate a Isilwane mining outpost. Two of them, the mercenary group “The Hand” and a band six of self proclaimed “Adventurers” turn out to be old rivals, quickly escalating the infiltration into a full scale battle. Unlike the other two, the third party is one person strong, a blue haired woman going by the name of Grace, who is there to steal the recently discovered artifact “Tear of Dreams”, rather than to free slaves or destroy the base like the other two. The leader of The Hand and Adventurers (Kanos and Skid respectively) wind up in a one on one fight, before Isilwane reinforcements force all three parties to flee. With there own ship already disabled, The Hand steal Grace's, who in turn joins up with the Adventurers aboard there ship, The Explorer. The Hand, who was hired by a Isilwane Lord to destroy there rivals Mining base, try to negotiate there escape with the Lord's reinforcements, but he refuses to acknowledge this and takes them prisoner instead, while the Explorer manages to escape by using the locale Savra (Space dwelling Dragon-like creatures) as a distraction. Although Skid and the others find Grace untrustworthy, they soon happen upon more pressing matters which they explain to the newcomer: The Confederacy (A relatively small, mostly Human controlled government) and the Isilwane Empire (A collective of reptilian species) are on the brink of war. The attack on the Qala outpost, which the Adventurers were lead to believe by there Confederate employers was Non-aligned with the Isilwane, could easily be considered an act of war by the Isilwane's Blood thirsty Emperor, Haab (Who has already declared unprovoked war on the Yu Republic). In order to avoid this, the Adventurers quickly return to the Confederacy's capital, the Sun-sized planetiod Lyra Capella, to meet with there contact, Vice-governor Prodotis. However, the group is unable to meet with him directly at first and are forced to take an overnight ride on a Monorail to get to him. That night, Skid talks with Grace and explains that they are finding it hard to trust her because of how little she knows of the current galactic situation, something a adventurer/mercenary would be well aware of. She is finally about to explain, when the train is attacked by Confederate shock troopers and Grace is seemingly killed in the ensuing battle. The Adventurers are saved at the last moment by a second group of Confederate solders, who escort them to an isolated island. There, they meet with an old friend, Commodore Samantha Clarks. The Commodore has enough time to briefly explain that a ancient conspiracy cult, the “Followers of Sheba”, have engineered a war with the Isilwane Empire and a take over of the Confederacy, including the assassination of Prodotis. The island is then attacked by the Shock Troopers loyal to Sheba, and only saved when Grace reactivates it's downed shields. While Samantha and her forces rally prepare for battle, the Adventurers demand an explanation from the resurrected Grace. She finally reviles that she is a Nomad: An immortal energy being tied to a physical body capable of traveling between Universes. She has arrived in this dimension for the sole purpose of retrieving the Tear of Dreams, but is now willing to help save the Confederacy. The Adventurers are eventually satisfied with this explanation and the Explorer and Grace join the force prepared to expose and destroy the Followers of Sheba. However, both sides of the Confederacy are caught off guard when a Isilwane fleet appears in orbit and begins attacking. The adventurers apparently flee, while Grace infiltrates the Haab's flagship, only to be captured anyways. Samantha rally’s Confederate and Sheba ships alike and, combined with a Republic task force reinforcement (Lead by the Adventurers) they manage to hold of the invasion fleet. Meanwhile, Grace escapes, manages to kill Haab in personal combat, discovers her vessel held on board and escapes the capital ship just before it's destroyed. Without a leader and with threats from the over Galactic powers, the Isilwane beat a hasty retreat, while Samantha turns her forces on those of Sheba, destroying or capturing most on the conspiracy ships. Grace bids goodbye to the crew of the Explorer, before leaving for parts unknown.

In the after credits scene, Prodotis (Calling himself the “Father of Sheba) approaches Kanos in prison and offers him and the Hand a job.

Film III Edit

The movie begins on a middle earth like planet with a strange man overlooking a large fortress. The man attacks the fortress using advanced weaponry and successfully steals something called the genesis orb. Back on the mans ship, the explorer he revels he is a interuniversel time traveling mercenary named Fredrick working with skid a genetically bread solder and Kate who Fredrick recently engaged. They land on the futuristic planet mav 7. They meet with the man who hired them to get the orb, professor Xavier  However Xavier revels he is the leader of the organization that they stole the orb from (known only as the organization). A fight breaks out across the city with skid attempting to stop Xavier from escaping, Fredrick battles kanos a leader in the organization who is just as skilled as Fredrick, and Kate defends the explorer. However Kate is shoot with a poison dart buy the organizations assassin shade. Fredrick and skid break of there mission to get to her but they are to late and Kate dies in Fredrick’s arms. Kanos yells at Xavier for “making it mad” Fredrick suddenly breaks into the hanger as the organizations ship tries to escape. Fredrick nearly sacrifices himself to kill all the organizations leaders but skid convinces him that Kate would have wanted him to live. After burying Kate in space the explorer is caught in middle of a battle between the Darth Vader's and picards fleets. They realize that the genesis orb destroys the barriers of time. The two join up with a strike force created by a large number of species trying to stop the origination. They discover the organization has belt a space station in middle of a giant space graveyard where they plan to launch the orb and merge the universes into one. The battle begins and skid and Fredrick make it on the station while the alliance and organizations fleets battle. Kanos and Fredrick have a rematch with kanos gaining the upper hand and defeating Fredrick while skid is captured and the alliance fleet receives heavy damage from the stations defenses. However when all seems lost Fredrick begins laughing. Suddenly a explosion rocks the station lowering the defenses. As Fredrick beats kanos and skid escapes Fredrick revels he planted a bomb on Xavier’s ship not trusting him from the begging. Skid, Fredrick, kanos, and shade escape aboard the explorer while the fleet destroys the station. Although he saved shade and kanos Fredrick kills Xavier in cold blood for ordering the death of Kate. After the battle is over skid discovers he has been left behind with the fleet, Fredrick not wanting to risk another of his friends. The movie ends with Fredrick smiling when he hears a report on the radio stating that the shadowmen are invading the galaxy and mercenaries are needed.

Television Show Overview Edit


Year one Edit

Origins: origin story: Fredrick Jack Andrew Elanor

Empire: war droid introduction: F J A

Task Force: p.t.d introduction: F J A

Clash On Titian: war droid battle: F J A

Shadows: shadow-men introduction: F J A

Dream Corridor: mike introduction: F J A Mike

Delta: power armor introduction: F J A M

Sorcery: p.s introduction: F J A M Victoria

Doomsday: box introduction: F J A M V

Kingdom Come: xerxes introduction: F J A M V

Super Weapon: war droid empire: F J A M V

Track Down: war droid assassins: F J A M V

year two

Shadow Force: shadow men assassins: F J A M V

Captured: p.s kidnapped: F J A M E

M W: m/w investigation: F J A M

Rescued: p.s rescued: F J A M

Terrorist Faction: xerces defeated: F J A M V

Apocalypse: p.t.d destroyed: F J A M V

The Forgotten: Hiding from terrorists: F J A M V E

Traitor: war droid traitor: F J A M V

Yancor: mission against the box: F J A M V

Rebirth: p.t.d rebuilding: F J A M V

Warlord: ahab returns: F J A M V

The Silver Fleet: lost fleet: F J A M V

year three

Old Friends: evil former friend: F J A E

Automatic Death: droid planet: F J A M V

Eagle Squadron: war droid star fighter: F J A M V

Power Clash: box vs shadow men: F J A M V

Dark Side: fredrickson: F J A M V E

Sands of Ihz: terrorist battle & chang: F J A M V

Next Generation: jason: F

Showdown: the hand final battle: F

Zion: zion shard: F

Republic: war droid battle: F Skid

Peace & Lies: war droid peace: F S

Victoria: p.s mike wedding: F J A M V E


Year one

The Snow Queen: snow queen introduction: Jason Skid

Rebel Spirit: kate and gisborn introduction: J Kate S

Assassins Guild: assassins guild introduction: J K S

The Army Of Darkness: gisborns invincible army: J K S

Monster: (HP) gisborns water element: J K S

To Catch A Tiger: Assassin guild trap: J K S

Republic: assassins guild vs republic: J K S

Year two

Assassins Blade: wyrven introduction: J K S Wyrven

Foundation: wyrven back story: J K S W

Breakup: jason leaves group: J K S

Spirit of Resistance: shadow men war: J

Passing Shadows: shadow men defeated, Jason rejoined: J K S W

Betrayal: traitor reviled: J K S

Chimes Of Victory: gisborn defeated: J K S W

Year three

Witch Hunt: traitor hunt: J K S W

Project S.k.i.d: new skid: J K S

Battlefront; ptd vs assassins guild: J K S W

The Show Kingdom: snow queen return 1: J K S

Kingdom Of Ice: snow queen return 2: J K S

Journeys End: finale: J K S W

Way of the Assassin: assassin guild centric: J K S W


year one

Frontier: kanos arrives on frontier: Kanos Issac Chloe

Birthday: the samaritans claim to own chloe: K I C

Bright Star: zannah introduction: K I C Zannah

The Hunt: hunter introduction: K I C Z

Explorers: kanos traveling frontier with his ship: K I C

Fear Rising: terrorists arrive on frontier: K I C Z

Fathers Day: zannah captured by assassins: K I C Z

year two

The Barons World: confrontation with the terrorist leader: K I C Z

Price Of Death: a bounty is placed on the heroes: K I C Z

Crusaders Legacy: kanos works on training issac: K I

Stranded: issac and chloe are trapped on a broken starship: K I C Z

Dark In The Night: evil alternate zannah: K I C Z

The Academy: chloe infiltrates a magic school: K C

Future Forwards: jump to admiral zannah: K I C Z

year three

Eye Of The Storm: mind controlling smuggler: K Z

Land Of The Free: road trip: K Z

Legends: hunting for samaritan secrets: K I C Z

Lost World: the heroes discover a lost Samaritan city: K I C Z

Alliances: the terrorists try to barter with the alliance: K I C Z

Knight Hunters: the barons last stand: K I C Z

Going Home: series finale: K I C Z


Year one

Day One: origins part 1: Ixil Thomas Lavender

Unification: origins part 2: I T L

Tomb: expedition: I T L

Pirates Shadow: teckla introduction, pirates: I T L

Base Zero: base destruction: I T L

Last Day: xanatos confrontation: I T L

War Lands: transformers: I

Shade of Mists: shadow men civil war: I

Empire of Steel: box captured: I

Pride: confederacy introduction: I

Scarlet: teckla break up: I

Year Two

Reunion: ice world scroll: I T L

Sorcerers: president introduction: I

Divided We Stand: teckla time travel: I T L

Bulls Eye: confederacy president assassin: I

Chess Game: president vs ixil: I

Broken Alliance: alliance civil war: I

United We Fall: alternate universe: I T L

Zion Stone: the worst nightmare: I T L

Crime Cantrell: crime world: I

First Night: finale: I T L


Year one

A New Star: origins: Samantha Venus

Hunters: wayne introduction: S V Wayne

Sisterhood: gip introduction: S V W

Silence of the Heretics: heretic base: S V W

The Reckoning: box vs heretic: S V

The Forgotten: amnesia: S V

Rouges: clark introduction: S V W C

Memories: heretic queen travels: S V W Clark

The Trimutive Council: crusaders: S V W C

A death in the Family: heretic finale: S V W C Clar

Year two

Knight Templar: tharen intro: S V W C C

Shadow Guild: assassins guild return: S V W C C

Collective: imperial collective introduction: S V W C C

The Day of Venus: venus death: S V W C C

Rising Storm: imperial crusades begins: S W C C

Escalation: war droid capital invasion: S W C C

Crusaders Quest 1: samantha leaves: S W C C

Year three

Crusaders Quest 2: samanthas search: S V

Left Behind: samantha returns: C W C

The Long March: strike force: S V W C C

Countdown: imperial crusade finale: S V W C C

Vengeance: gip team: S V W C C

Search for Life: search for a cure: S V W C C

Future Stars: finale: S V W C C


Year One



Task Force

Clash On Titian


Dream Corridor




Kingdom Come

Super Weapon

Track Down

Year Two

Shadow Force




Terrorist Faction


The Forgotten





The Silver Fleet

Year Three

Old Friends

Automatic Death

Eagle Squadron

Power Clash

Dark Side

Sands Of Ihz

Next Generation




Peace & Lies


year four

The Snow Queen

Rebel Spirit

Assassins Guild

The Army Of Darkness


To Catch A Tiger


year five

Assassins Blade


Breakup/Spirit Of Resistance

Passing Shadows


Chimes Of Victory

year six

Witch Hunt

Project S.k.i.d


The Snow Kingdom/ Kingdom Of Ice

Way of the Assassin

Journeys End

year seven



Bright Star

The Hunt


Fear Rising

year eight

Fathers Day

The Barons World

Price Of Death

Crusaders Legacy


Dark In The Night

The Academy

Future Forwards

year nine

Eye Of The Storm

Land Of The Free


Lost World


Knight Hunters

Going Home

Year ten

Day One



Pirates Shadow

Base Zero

Last Day

War Lands

Shade of Mists

Empire of Steel



Year eleven



Divided we Stand

Bulls Eye

Chess Game

Broken Alliance

United we Fall

Zion Stone

Crime Cantrell

First Night

Year twelve

A New Star



Silence of the Heretics

The Reckoning

The Forgotten



The Trimutive Council

A Death in the Family

Year thirteen

Knight Templar

Shadow Guild


The Day of Venus

Rising Storm


Crusaders Quest 1

Year fourteen

Crusaders Quest 2

Left Behind

The Long March



Search for Life

Future Stars

TV Episodes (First Series) Edit

(1. 1. 1.) ORGINS

On the medieval era planet of Eridua the young ranger and former rebel Fredrick traces a group of raiders deep into some high mountains. Although he eventually loses track of the raiders, Fredrick discovered a hidden cave which, when opened, reviled a large cavern system full of books, records and futuristic artifacts. Making sure to mark the place so he could find his way back, Fredrick returns to his home city, where he connives with his adopted brother Jack, there mutual friend the sword master Andrew and Fredricks fiance', Elanor. Together, the four return the next day and investigate the hidden enclave of knowledge further. Discovering that it was collected by a ancient warrior guild known as the Crusaders, the four adventurers, wanting to continue the mission of good they had started in there youth, decide to continue there legacy and begin repairing a decrepit Crusader star ship. A year later, they finish the barely functioning vehicle and take to the stars.

Further info: The very first Horizon story, this tale introduces the first of Genesis core cast of five (Fredrick, Jack and Andrew) as well as Fredricks wife Elanor who, despite departing Eridua with the others in this story, remains home for most of the next many adventures due to a dislike for the dangerous life style.

(2. 2. 2.) EMPIRE

Picking up several months after the last episode, Fredrick, Jack and Andrew have continued there travels, using there star ship (The Explorer) to traverse the universe and help with what they could, be it fighting in a war or helping with relief effort. However, they are contacted by a peaceful galactic government known as the “Republic” to help with negotiations with the aggressive War droid empire. Sadly, it becomes quickly apparent that the Empires envoys (Lords Neam and Viiper) are only there to start a war. They succeed, with Fredrick, Jack and Andrew submitting there help to the unprepared Republic.

Further info: This story marks the first appearance of the “phaseblades”, energy swords and the Crusaders weapon of choice. The war droid lords are also armed with these weapons, leading to several duels. The War droid empire would also go on to play a important role in the series, acting as main villains.

(3. 3. 3.) TASK FORCE

while traveling in the A-46 galaxy, they are contacted by a law keeping group known as the P.T.D. Having heard there reputation as mercenary’s, they hire the three travelers to retrieve a stranded team of agents from a massive criminal organization known as “The Terrorists”. Taking the job, the Explorers crew manage to infiltrate the Terrorist compound and rescue the trapped operatives. Departing the P.T.D headquarters, the Explorers crew decide to return occasionally to aid the P.T.D, unaware that a top Terrorists enforcer, “The Hand”, has taken a interest in there efforts.

Further info: Although Fredrick and his allies, and the Crusaders in general, describe themselves as “mercenary’s”, they do not accept immoral jobs and often work for free to help people. This generally leads to a utter lack of funds. Unsurprisingly, the P.T.D, The Hand and the Terrorists all show up throughout Fredrick’s era.

(4. 4. 4.) CLASH ON TITIAN

Hired to lead the Republic forces into battle, Fredrick, Jack and Andrew take command of what little military forces the Republic has and leads them against the war droid stronghold on the planet Titian. Fredrick commands the star ships in a battle in the atmosphere, while Andrew and Jack work with the ground forces. Working on all fronts, and after another encounter with lord Leam, the three travelers manage to outflank the war droid forces and achieve a major victory for the Republic.

Further info: Despite its name, the war droid empire actually encompasses many different species and organic beings. War droids simply make up the majority of there ground forces. This episode also establishes the Republic as having very little in the way of military might, owing to there pacifistic nature.

(5. 5. 5.) SHADOWS

Continuing to patrol the A-46 galaxy, Fredrick, Jack and Andrew (now known as “The Explorers”) began hearing rumors of a strange race of black cloaked aliens on the far rim of the galaxy. Traveling there, they discovered that the rumors were very true: a race of nomadic conquerors calling themselves “Shadow men” were invading the galaxy slowly but surely. Attempting to flee the incoming fleet, the Explorer is damaged and they are forced to crash land on a nearby planet. Working with the locals and using superior tactics, the Explorers manage to outmaneuver the Shadow men search party’s, repair there ship and warn the local planets, who mount an effective defense against the shadowy invaders.

Further info: The Shadow men, genetically engineered beings ruled by a monarchy, would go on to be a major faction and enemy throughout Horizons. There leader, the Shadow king, also had the habit of not dying. Repeatedly.


While taking a quick break on the backwater planet of “Nightmare”, an uninhabited desert world, The Explorers are all knocked out by mysterious creatures that remained in sunlight. Waking up, they discovered themselves to be captive in what appeared to be a old house, where they meet a former monster hunter turned engineer by the name of Mike Sanders. Working together, they managed to break out of the “old house”, only to discover that the large hairy creatures had imprisoned them in a illusion, feeding off of there physic energy. Escaping the creatures by hiding in the shadows, they all escape on the Explorer, with Mike offering to join the crew as there mechanic.

Further info: The unnamed creatures in this episode, Bigfoot esquire monsters, have to stay in direct sunlight or be seriously wounded, hence how they were unable to chase after the Explorers. Mike Sanders, who would go on to be a main character, also makes his first debut in this episode.


The Explorers, including new member Mike Sanders, are supposedly contacted by the P.T.D and directed to rendezvous with them on the canyon infested desert planet of Serd. However, they discover it was a trap laid by the Terrorist enforcer the Hand, who defeats and captures Fredrick. Andrew, Jack and Mike meet up with the actual P.T.D and acquire the newly developed D.elta.4 power armor to affect a rescue. Fredrick meanwhile escapes the Hand only to find a second hidden enclave of Crusader knowledge, reviling Serd to be the ancient base of operations for them. The others return and use there new equipment to stall the other terrorist forces while Fredrick battles the Hand in a rematch, this time emerging victorious and escaping.

Further info: Serd is a massive desert planet, filled with countless mountains, caves and canyons. The ancient Crusaders established themselves here, leaving the largest collection of there knowledge in there ancient base. Serd would eventually become the most prominent recurrent planet in Horizons.

(8. 8. 8.) SORCEROY

After escaping Serd, Fredrick and the others are contacted physically by a Representative of the M/W, a organization of sorcerers allied with the P.T.D. The cloaked Representative gives them a clear mission: one of there members, the promising sorcerers P.s, has been captured by the Terrorists. The Explores are hired to rescue her. Arriving on the ocean planet she is being kept on, Mike, Jack and Andrew move to confront the military forces there while Fredrick sneaks in and helps P.s to escape. After leaving the planet, they are again contacted by the M/W Representative who gives P.s permission to stay with the explores.

Further info: This episode, obviously, introduces the final main character during Fredrick’s run: P.s, a mysterious sorcerers who goes back and forth between border line insanity and depression over her past. P.s kept her real name secret until the final episode of Genesis.

(9. 9. 9.) DOOMSDAY

Escorting a convoy of Republican forces to reinforce the front lines against the War droid empire, the crew of the Explorer (now including P.s as a full time member) is confronted by a ship of unknown origins, which opens fire on and destroys half of the convoys ships before departing. After finishing the escort mission, Mike and Fredrick leave in the Explorer to chase after the enemy ship, while the three others remain behind on the planet. However, the strange ship returns and its crew, the mysterious Box, launch a full scale attack on the remaining forces, devastating both sides. The few survivors work together to escape the strange aliens until the Explorer returns and rescues them.

Further info: This episode introduces one of the most intimidating and powerful menaces for the series. The “Box” are twenty foot tall bio mechanical creatures, packed to the brim with firepower and dedicated to wiping out what ever they find. The planet featured in this story is Phi 7, a “swampy mud hole” in the words of Jack.

(10. 10. 10.) KINGDOM COME

After the Hand steals a suit of D.elta.5 power armor, the crew of the explorer decides to join in a P.t.d offensive against the metropolis world of Sisty, a main base of power for the Terrorists. While the P.T.D blockade the world, Fredrick and the others infiltrate the planet, going after the shadowy DR. Xerxes, the Hands superior and the most powerful member of the Terrorists. Managing to fight off the Terrorist forces, the crew of the Explorer covers for Mike as he plants several signals in the main Terrorist skyscraper, sending a single up to a P.T.D battleship, with incinerates the building, with the Hand and Xerxes still inside. The victorious Explorers depart, unaware of Xerxes and the Hands survival, now with a plan to capture one of them.

Further info: While the Hand survives in his power armor, an unprotected Xerxes bears hideous scars from the explosion in this episode for rest of his appearances. With Sisty under the control of the P.T.D, the Terrorists use a mobile space station for there base of operations for the next season.

(11. 11. 11.) SUPER WEAPON

Under the command of the nefarious admiral Shank, the War droids continue to press forwards against the Republic. However, after yet another defeat at the hands of the Explorers, Shank begins plans for a more direct method: the creation of a fleet destroying super weapon. Catching wind of this, Fredrick and the others leave the Republican fleet to infiltrate and destroy the new threat. Once aboard however, the Explorers are greeted by admiral Shank himself, who informs them that this was just a distraction for the Explorers, to remove them from the Republic fleet and give the War droid forces a chance to destroy it. After barely escaping the trap, the Explorers rush back to the Republic fleet, only to find that they had rallied and managed to drive off the invaders, although with heavy loses. Taking the initiative, Fredrick leads the newly moralized force against the phony super weapon, destroying it and killing Shank in the process.

Further info: Although he is the leader of the War droid military forces fighting against the Republic, admiral Shank did not appear in any previous stories (save for brief cameos) and with his death in this one, he remains a one shot villain. Unlike the last few appearances, the Republic fleet is noticeably more powerful in this outing, owing to the once peaceful Republic now fully preparing for war.

(12. 12. 12.) TRACK DOWN

Inside the War droid forward command base, lords Leam and Viiper converse with a shadowy figure, the emperor they call master. He is most displeased with there lack of progress against the Republic, and even less so with there attempts to pin the blame on the Explorers. This leads to him giving them an ultimatum: kill the Explorers or the Emperor will be forced to enter the fight himself. To this end, Viiper shots down P.S, as well as another pilot, forcing them to land on a forested moon, the crash temporarily blinding P.S. At the same time, lord Dor Leq, a infiltrator in the Republic, informs Fredrick that Leam has challenged him to a one on one duel. While the Crusader is off faceing down the Lord, Dor Leq reviles his true colors and engages Andrew, Mike and Jack with the help of assassin droids. However, Fredrick (who managed to defeat Leam) returns and helps to force Dor Leq to flee, before rescuing P.S from Viiper, unaware that there actions would lead to the War droids Emperor direct involvement.

Further info: The pilot P.S is trapped with (William Dovarn, call sign Eagle two) made a few appearances prior to this, primarily acting as a possible love interest for P.S, although he eventually lost her affection to Mike. Lords Leam, Viiper and Dor Leq are all parts of the “Sun cult”, a branch of the War droid empire that primarily focuses on martial arts and supernatural powers, and answering only to the Emperor.

(13. 13. 1.) SHADOW FORCE

Ten years after Track Down, Fredrick, Jack and Andrew enjoy a long break from action on Eridua, reconnecting with there past friends and family’s, especially Fredrick who marries Elanor, the two now expecting. However, the tranquility is broken when Fredrick, while out on patrol, is attacked by a squad of Shadow men assassins, armed with Phase blades. Temporarily leaving the others behind, the Explorers rendezvous with Mike and P.S, both of whom have been working together to keep an eye on things while the others were gone, and both of whom have also been attacked by Shadow men Assassins. Working together, the five manage to track the Assassins back to the Shadow man command ship, confronting the Shadow King and apparently killing him, before returning to Eridua in time for Elanor to give birth to a son, Jason.

Further info: The “Down time” the Explorers spent on Eridua is unknown, although it was long enough for Elanor and Fredrick to get married and have a kid. The Shadow King, and the Shadow men in general, are heavily genetically modified, voluntarily “improving” themselves. The Shadow men are mostly nomadic, living on a fleet of 190,000 battle cruisers. This story also establishes Andrew and Jack as married to fellow freedom fighters.

(14. 14. 2.) CAPTURED

While Fredrick, Andrew and Jack remain on break, Mike and P.S investigate a galactic smuggling ring. However, the ring turns out to be sponsored by the Terrorists, with the Hand ambushing and capturing P.S. While The Hand presents the captured Explorer to Dr. Xerxes for experimentation, Mike returns to Eridua and immediately informs the other Explorers as well as Elanor, who joins the other four aboard the Explorer to locate there friend, leaving the now one year old Jason with friends. The group arrives at the Smugglers headquarters, infiltrating and then fully invading the criminals power base. The Explorers manage, after a long, hard fight, to take down the head smugglers and interrogate them for information, although they did not know where the Terrorists took P.S. Elanor returns home to her and Fredrick’s son, while the Explorers begin the search for there captured friend.

Further info: The smuggler headquarters shown in this episode are located on a “modern” era planet, hidden behind a mask of low technology. This story is also the first time Elanor accompanies the Explorers, later becoming a semi-regular member of the Explorers and serving as a field medic.

(15. 15. 3.) M/W

After dropping Elanor back off on Eridua to watch over her son, the Explorers renew there search for there captured friend, Not knowing where else to start, they head to the misty planet of Ravandous: the home planet of the M/W. However, once there they are informed by the spell-casters that they will not work with outsiders unless they help them first. Specificity, one of there best agents, Thang, had gone rouge, disappearing in Ravandous's wilderness. The four mercenary’s begin tracking the crazed warlock down, but are ambushed one by one by the powerful spell caster. However, when he attacks Andrew, the sword-master holds him off long enough for a recovered Fredrick to arrive and subdue Thang. Returning the crazed agent to the other warlocks, the Explorers are angered to find that the M/W doesn’t actually have any information as to P.S's whereabouts. The Explorers then depart, continuing there search for there lost friend.

Further info: Ravandous is a shadowy, misty world, its forested surface covered deep in perpetual fog. The insane and bloodthirsty Thang would become something of a recurrent villain, showing up in a few story’s after this one, acting both on his own and for anyone who gives him a chance to kill things.

(16. 16. 4.) RESCUED

Almost a month later, the discouraged Explorers arrive at yet another possible Terrorist headquarters, only to discover that it is no more than a shipping port. Meanwhile, P.S almost manages to escape her captures, but she is subdued and brought back to Xerxes for more torture. However, the mad doctor grows tired of her constant attempts to escape has her taken from his mobile base to a standard holding city on the planet Dern. However, the Explorers are contacted by a mysterious figure who informs them of her location. Storming the city, The Explorers finally free there friend. Mike and Andrew take P.S into recovery, while Jack and Fredrick heads after the newly reviled mobile Terrorist base with one mission on mind: the ending of DR. Xerxes.

Further info: Dern is a sister planet to the smuggling/modern planet that P.S was first captured on. After this story, P.S is noticeably darker and depressed then she was before, owing to the torture she endured during captivity. This episode is also the first one to mention the names of Andrew and Jacks wives: Julia Luliana/Myrrine Sun respectively.


Tracing the message from the mysterious figure to Xerxes mobile base, Fredrick, Jack and Andrew storm the ship, fighting through many waves of enemies until finally they come face to face with the Hand once again. However, the Terrorist enforcer stands down and reviles that he was sick and tired of Xerxes and his sadistic actions, and as such he contacted the Explorers, reviling himself as the mysterious figure from the previous episode. Allowing the Hand to leave peacefully, the three Explorers finally track down Xerxes and, after a brief struggle, subdue him and escaping the self destructing base. Reuniting with Mike and P.S, the Explorers try to decide what to do with the insane captured doctor. However, after he refuses to repent and repeatedly insults P.S, Fredrick tells the others to leave the ship. After one more chance for forgiveness (which Xerxes ignores), Fredrick unceremoniously kicks him out of the Explorer in full flight in a void between galaxies, permanently ending the threat.

Further info: The Terrorist faction is not a standard organization as it doesn't have a single leader. Instead, it is an galactic criminal alliance under the command of many different leaders, although DR. Xerxes was the most powerful of them. After this however, the Terrorists gradually moved towards a single leader, the Hand, to be more effective.

(18. 18. 6.) APOCALYPSE

While in deep space, the crew of the Explorer is contacted by a P.T.D lieutenant with troubling news: In the Explorers absence the Shadowmen have grown more powerful and bold, presenting a major challenge for the stretched thin P.T.D forces. Returning to the P.T.D Headquarters, Fredrick and his allies collaborate with the P.T.D leaders to come up with a way to defeat the nomadic conquerors. However, these plans are abruptly cut short with the arrival of the Shadowmen fleet which has decided to strike at the core of there enemy’s. Using there newly developed methods, the Explorers manage to minimize causality’s but by the time the Shadowmen withdraw the P.T.D forces are all but destroyed. With there leader dead, Fredrick orders the P.T.D to disperse and go into hiding for the time being, as the Shadowmen, Box and Terrorists are all still gunning for them.

Further info: Director Garon, as the leader of the P.T.D, was a recurring character before his death in this story. After this, the leadership of the P.T.D passes to another recurring character Agent Shang. The P.T.D fleet, before it's large scale destruction in this story, roughly consisted of 80,000 capital ships.

(19. 19. 7.) THE FORGOTTEN

Taking there own advice, the Explorers flee the A-46 galaxy, with Terrorist forces right behind them. Not wanting to endanger there family’s back on Eridua, the Explorers set there ships engines to random in an attempt to outrun there pursuers. The Explorer emerges in an unfamiliar atmosphere over rolling grass lands. After investigating for a short time, the small group discovers that they have accidentally traveled to a small pocket dimension. Realizing that it would be nigh impossible (unlike Eridua) for anyone to invade this small world and decide to start moving there family to the pocket dimension, which they christian “Sanctum”. At the end of the story, the Explorers receive a call from the Republic, asking them to return immediately.

Further info: Elanor once again briefly joins the Explorers for this episode, although she remains behind on Sanctum with Jason at the end of the story. The Crusaders, both modern and ancient, traversed the galaxy with special “reaper” engines that gathered “threads” from the fabric of space itself, allowing them to travel the entire Universe in a matter of decades.

(20. 20. 8.) TRAITOR

While attempting to contact more P.T.D remnants, The Explorers are contacted by a man dressed in a robe, calling himself Jrr. The man reviles that he is a high level member of the Paladins, a warrior guild based off of the ancient Crusaders. Jrr explains that the Paladins, normally isolationists, have decided to aid the Republic in there continued effort against the War droids, who have recently attack with renewed aggression. As such, the Paladins learned of Fredrick's revival of the Crusaders and were now offering them an alliance. Unfortunately, Fredrick sees no choice but to turn them down, as the Explorers were extremely pressed already. Although disappointed, Jrr understands and returns to his allies. The small group of Paladins were stationed on the forest world of Crubex, a front-line battle-zone against the War droids. However, the scales are suddenly turned with the arrival of Lord Leq Dor who pushes his forces into his enemy’s base. However, with Jrr and his men surrounded, the battle is joined with the spectacular arrival of the Crusaders through a window, with Fredrick and the others deciding they can't simply stand by while people die. The Republic, Paladin and Crusader forces work together and force the War droid forces to leave.

Further info: The Paladins are a Order of (relatively) peaceful warrior monks, based off of the ideals of the Crusaders. The Paladins control a single, backwater galaxy of non-space traveling planets, defending the many innocents that lived there. Mostly staying out of intergalactic events, the Paladins would occasionally get involved, such as against the War droids.

(21. 21. 9.) Yancor

Continuing there new found mission to once again intervene in unjust affairs, the Explorers take part in several relief missions, as well as resolving several minor conflicts before they go full scale. However, over the course of these events the Explorers become increasingly aware that something is unbalancing the gravity in several galaxies. Mike and Fredrick take the Explorer into the void, searching for the source of the disturbance. However, when they do find it, they immediately wish they hadn't: the Yancor, a sun sized battle station under the command of the Box. Barely escaping, Mike and Fredrick meet up with the others and desperately try to figure out a way to stop the advancing Yancor. Eventually, they manage to fake the signal of an approaching fleet, causing the Yancor to jump into an attack, only to end up in a black-hole, almost destroying it and forcing it to retreat back into the void.

Further info: The Box make there second appearance in this story, while the Yancor and there leader, a massive, almost city sized Box Emperor, makes there first appearance. This story also firmly establishes Mike and P.S as having feelings for each other, although they have yet to act on them.

(22. 22. 10.) REBIRTH

Uniting once again with agent Shang and what little remains of the P.T.D (only a couple hundred members for the entire A-46 galaxy), the Explorers begin scouting around for a proper place to build a new base for the P.T.D. However, when both the Shadow men and Terrorists discover this plan, Fredrick decides to instead trap both there enemy’s at once.

While the others continue a membership drive, Fredrick and the best P.T.D agents pretend to be setting up a base on New Rulia. There enemies fall for it, with the two groups briefly engaging before P.T.D forces and the Explorers drive them both off, officially announcing there return.

Further info: New Rulia, an artificially created planet, was created century’s earlier to replace the first Rulia, which was lost in a supernova. However, rampart disses due to faulty terraforming lead to it becoming an abandoned wasteland, filled with many continents of junk and debris.

(23. 23. 11.) WARLORD

While on a supply run for the growing P.T.D, The Explorers are once again contacted by Jrr, who informs them that the Republic forces are being pushed back on multiple fronts, owing to the arrival of the mysterious War Droid Emperor, Ahab. Although Fredrick and the others at first plan to meet the new threat head on in the battlefield, they eventually decide to instead take the threat out at the root by storming his command ship and assassinating Ahab. Although the Explorers manage to board the ship, they quickly find that they were completely unprepared to face the powerful Warlord, who defeats all five of them in a matter of seconds, with the Explorers just barely escaping. While recovering, the Explorers learn there failed mission did some good, as the distraction allowed the Paladins to gain a major foothold against the War droids.

Further info: The small group of Paladins aiding the Republic and Explorers numbered no more than fifty at any given time. They are lead by Jrr, a skilled human male. Lord Ahab, fearsome ruler of the War Droids, is a nine foot tall reptilian humanoid. He is an ancient creature and immensely powerful, defeating all five Explorers at once.

(24. 24. 12.) THE SILVER FLEET

Despite Fredrick's assertions to the contrary, Rumors continue to persist that an ancient fighting force know as the “Silver fleet” exists inside the gravity of a lack hole. The legend goes that the fighting force destroyed anyone who looks for it. To prove the legend wrong, Fredrick and the other Explorers board an experimental star-ship with nearly impenetrable hull armor. Breaching the cloak of the Black hole, the Explorers are shocked to discover a giant fleet of ships, although the legend turns out to be untrue. Instead, the Silver Fleet consists of ships dragged through the black hole and others that came looking for the legend. Almost immediately, the Explorers realize they were being followed by a Shadow Men fleet, which arrives in the hidden enclave. However, Fredrick convinces the Silver fleet to join the fight against the invaders, and later getting them to join the P.T.D, which swells there ranks and firmly reestablished them as a galactic power.

Further info: This story acts as the “finale” for the second “season”. Also, the Silver Fleet from the title consists of many different ships from many previously established races and cultures, giving it a diverse and varied fell and look. This episode is also the final battle between the Shadow men and the P.T.D.

(25. 25. 1.) OLD FRIENDS

15 Years after the “season 2” finale, Fredrick investigates an abandoned ship near Eridua, of a make similar to his own star ship, the Explorer. However, before his investigation can advance any further he, As well as Jack, Andrew (And there wives) and Elanor are contacted by Noe, Marcos and Phillip, fellow former members of the freedom fighters that freed there home nation. Arriving at the planned meting place, the others are surprised to be attacked by Wild Mogs, who revile they were working with Noe. Tracing the attack back to his former friend's base of operations. Confronting him, Noe angrily tells Fredrick that he believed the others had “abandoned” him, leading to him trying to escape on his own ship (the one from the beginning) and planning the death of his old friends. Fredrick and the other freedom fighters fight through and defeat Noe's forces, while Fredrick is forced to sadly kill his old friend.

Further info: At this point in the series, Fredrick is mostly traveling by himself, the other members of the Explorers having settled down for the most part. The “Wild Mogs” are a tribe of nomadic savages, who have long been in conflict with the more civilized populace of Eridua. This story also establishes Elanor as pregnant with her second child.

(26. 26. 2.) AUTOMATIC DEATH

Fredrick, temporarily joined by the other Explorers, are sidetracked from there journey back to Sanctum when the Explorer is hacked and forced to crash-land on a nearby industrialized moon, apparently void of life. However, upon further investigation, the stranded Explorers discover that it is actually inhabited by a race of sentient droids, long since independent from organic beings. Looking even further, they find there ship was crashed by a the natural EMP emitting from the moon. Barely escaping the angered automatons, the Explorers escape the small moon, setting up a beacon to warn away any future ships.

Further info: Throughout this episode, a driving mystery exists in the form of a quest to discover who built the sentient droids. The only hint is the droids mention of the “Samaritans”, A word that is often repeated on the architecture in the background, in several story’s, including this one.

(27. 27. 3.) EAGLE SQUANDRON

Once again finding themselves on the front line against the War Droids, Fredrick is informed by Jrr that the the Republic navy is lagging farther and farther behind the War Droids space force, owing to a lack of support craft such as Star-fighters on the Republic's side. In order to rectify this, Fredrick and the other Explorers (as well as the few veteran fighter pilots) begin training a group of new pilots, as well as constructing a new line of fighters, all to create a new project, “Eagle squadron”. The project turns out to be a success, with Eagle squadron saving a damaged Republic convoy from a War Droid fleet attack.

Further info: Over the past fifteen years, the war between the War Droid Empire and Republic had escalated to new heights, with the War Droids (and Ahab) concentrating focus on the Paladin/Crusader allied Republic, while the Republic had slowly been building up a fighting force and, with the completion of Eagle Squadron, it was truly able to contend with the Empire.

(28. 28. 4.) POWER CLASH

Both the Shadow King and Box Emperor are contacted by a shadowy third party, the “Knight Errant” who directs them to the small Proxima galaxy, nearby to both the Republic and A-46 galaxies, for the chance at recovering ancient artifacts from Indlala Nkosi himself.. Both leaders, as well as there forces However, once there, they only find a waiting Fredrick and the other Explorers. Although he admits to drawing them there threw subterfuge (Against his friends wishes) Fredrick does offer them a new target: each other. Seeing an opportunity to proactively eliminate future rivals, both the Box and Shadowmen declare war on each other, turning Proxima into a battlefield, while the Explorers slip away.

Further info: Indlala Nkosi is a nearly mythical figure and the over all ultimate villain of Horizons. A brutal warlord who waged war against the original Crusaders, a good amount of the problems and enemies faced by the 'Modern' Crusaders could be directly linked to his influence. This story also shows a growing amount of distrust between Fredrick and his allies, due to Fredrick's growing pragmatism.

(29. 29. 5.) DARK SIDE

The story begins with a worried Fredrick (clad in black hat & coat) desperately seeking reassurance from his wife that he is a good man. When Elanor remains confused at his inquiry, an angered Fredrick impales her in the abdomen, before fleeing Sanctum. With the other Explorers tending to there wounded friend, a furious Andrew hunts the dark Crusader down, the two engaging in a furious duel, with Fredrick eventually winning through deception. Fredrick continues his rampage, battling Jack and Mike at once, seriously wounding both of them, before P.s, the last Explorer standing, try’s to talk him down. However, her attempts fail and she to fights and is heavily wounded by Fredrick, who is stopped from delivering the killing blow by an unexpected arrival: Fredrick, clad in his original brown coat and hat. Reviling that the dark Fredrick is actually FredrickSON, a evil version of the Crusader from an alternate Universe. Driving off his twin, Fredrick reconciles with his friends, who all manage to survive there wounds.

Further info: This story is the first one to introduce the Horizons Multiverse. An actual theory, the idea of a “Multiverse” is that every time someone, ANYONE makes a choice, reality is split in two, one where they said yes, one where they said no. This effectively allows an infinite amount of alternate characters and Universes.

(30. 30. 6.) SANDS OF IHZ

Attempting to track down Fredrickson and how the alternate Crusader had gotten into there Universe in the first place, The Explorer is ambushed and shot down in a surprise attack by A Terrorist capital ship. There ship crashes on Ihz, a failed terraforming project that had turned the once thriving colony world into a devastated desert world. With the Terrorists pursuing them, the Explorers set up an ambush at a stone temple, with the two forces going head to head. Managing to outmaneuver there attackers, the angered locals attack the Terrorists, allowing Fredrick and the Explorers by enough time to repair there ship and escape.

Further info: This story establishes that, after DR. Xerxes death, the Terrorists had largely been unified under one leader, specifically, The Hand. This story is also the first to feature Chang, a deadly four armed assassin for hire who loses his lower limbs in a duel with Fredrick in this story, forming a long held vendetta between the two.

(31. 31. 7.) NEXT GENERATION

Fredrick returns to Sanctum, after a solo mission, only to discover that his son Jason, angered at his fathers constant refusal to allow him to come on his missions, had taken a refit gunship and departed for parts unknown. With most of his allies currently indisposed (Elanor, as well as Andrews wife, were pregnant and close to delivery) Fredrick refuses the help of the others and takes off after him alone. Tracking him to a telepathic cults hideout, Fredrick finds Jason as one of there underlings and engages his son in a furious duel. However, after moving the duel out of the sight of his “allies” and reviles to his Father that he was actually infiltrating the group, in order to take them down from within. Reluctantly helping him, father and son defeat the cult and return to Sanctum, where Fredrick gives Jason permission to become the next Crusader, albeit after a good deal of training.

Further info: Since this story takes place years and years after his last appearance, Jason is know a young man in his twenties. Also, he is portrayed as a natural with the blade, out-sparring Andrew in a training match and stalling his own father. The telepathic cult (the Primal Order) is a one shot villain group, as all it's members imprisoned by the end of the story.

(32. 32. 8.) SHOWDOWN

Now largely traveling solo, Fredrick is contacted by an old foe: The Hand. Now the DE-facto leader of the Terrorists, the Hand was steadily turning the group towards more mercantile pursuits rather then doomsday schemes and wars. Arranging a meeting between himself and Fredrick, the Hand informs his old rival that he wished to hire the Crusader to work with him, as he had come to respect him greatly. Tensions heat up when Fredrick refuses, citing there previous experiences with each other, but when the Terrorists are betrayed by one of there contractors, Fredrick and the Hand fight side by side to lesson civilian casualty’s, before parting amicably.

Further info: This story marks the last appearance of The Hand (except for a cameo in the Horizons: Genesis finale) as well as for the Terrorists, until they show up in Horizons: Frontier under the command of a new leader. This story also cements the Hand and Fredrick as equals, in terms of skill, leadership, intelligence and even morality.

(33. 33. 9.) ZION

While Taking his wife on A anniversary trip, Fredrick is contacted by A legendary scientist, DR. Miranda, who offers him a job as her bodyguard, in exchange for an ancient Crusader relic. With a reluctant Elanor in tow, Fredrick accepts the job and begins examining the artifact while traveling aboard Miranda's galaxy hopping star cruiser. However, the ship is attacked by pirates attempting to kidnap Miranda, while at the same time Fredrick discovers the artifact, A small golden stone known as A “Zion Shard”, is actually a artifact created by Indlala Nkosi. Although Elanor fails to stop Miranda from killing herself rather than be captured, Fredrick accidentally unleashes the power of the Zion Shard, utterly destroying the pirates in the process.

Further info: When using the Zion Shard, Fredrick's conscious is transported to a blank white landscape, where he is confronted by a smiling figure dressed in A trench coat and with glowing golden eyes, described only as “A Nightmare”. This story ends with Fredrick in possession of the Zion Shard and DR. Miranda's star cruiser the Torrent destroyed.

(34. 34. 10.) REPUBLIC

Fredrick's quest for more information on the Zion Shard is cut off when he is once again thrust into direct conflict with the War Droid Empire. Given command of A strike force of Paladins, as well as S.k.i.d and A group of commandos, Fredrick is given the task of either capturing or killing Lord Ahab, who was over seeing the shipyard planet Ustipee. Although extremely uncertain about engaging the fierce warlord again, Fredrick nonetheless accepts the mission. Although not A complete success, the mission does provide A major victory for the Republic: Although Ahab escapes, Fredrick's strike team only loses five members and sabotages the shipyard factories, as well as causing A large War Droid fleet to self destruct.

Further info: Skid is A, well, S.k.i.d. A genetically engineered “Line” of artificial solders, S.k.i.d's were created by the Republic to serve as More skilled (And more expendable) front line solders against the War Droids. Skid in particular was assigned to work with Fredrick, A form of payment from the Republic for the Crusader's considerable help during the war.

(35. 35. 11.) PEACE & LIES

As Ahab leads A massive fleet against Fredrick led Republican forces in deep space, one of the Dark Lord's own cruisers opens fire on the command ship, although Ahab escapes and destroys it in retaliation. Discovering that the attack had been ordered by the leaders of the Sun Cult, Ahab returns to his own galaxy, while ordering his second in command to begin peace talks with the Republic. While extremists from both sides attempt to sabotage the meeting, Fredrick manages to defend the meeting and finish the treaty between the two. Meanwhile, Ahab confronts the Sun Cult leaders who challenge there dark lord as A traitor for signing the peace treaty. Ahab calmly explains that the War droid Empire could not afford to waste so much resources on one target, before slaughtering them.

Further info: The three main Sun Cult members who have previously appeared, Dor Leg, Neam and Viiper, all accompany Ahab back to the War Droids capital galaxy, where they are appointed to replace the seven dead leaders. This story also marks the second appearance of S.k.i.d.

(36. 36. 12.) VICTORIA

A while after the last few stories, Fredrick has all but retired from his role as Crusader, allowing the next two Crusaders take on the responsibilities. Lining up his retirement with P.s and Mike's wedding, Fredrick joins the other Explorers at there wedding. However, at the last second they are contacted by P.s's last remaining family member, her sister Vicki. On the run from the brutal overlords of there original home-world, Kicki pleads with her sister to help her. Together, the Explorers devise A trap and when the overlords arrive at whats appears to be A simple wedding, they are instead ambushed and put in P.T.D custody. P.s and her new husband bid A happy goodbye to Vicki, as Fredrick peacefully retires.

Further info: P.s, along with her family, grew up on A harsh world strapped for resources. The brutal leaders killed both the mother and father, while capturing Vicki and P.s, while one of there brothers disappeared and the other joined the leaders, before being killed by his own men. With the MW recruiting the young P.s into there order, she took on the initials of her missing brother, over her real name: Victoria. Fredrick retires at the age of 72.

Episodes (Second Series) Edit

(37. 1. 1.) THE SNOW QUEEN

Less than A year after his Father's retirement, Jason is found traversing far flung corners of the newly discovered “Revin cluster” galaxy alongside S.k.i.d. Eventually, he is contacted via magical summons by A shadowy woman claiming to be from A medieval era world, Orendelle. The figure is eventually reviled to be Princess Tele, A young noble wishing to throw off the mantel of her mother, the tyrannical Ice Queen. Although Jason manages to overthrow the Ice Queen he is forced to kill her. A grieving Tele demands he leave Orendelle forever. Jason departs to continue his work as A Crusader.

Further info: This is, obviously, the first Horizons story to not prominently feature Fredrick in some form. S.k.i.d is mentioned as being “assigned” to Jason by his father, being given the task of protecting the headstrong Crusader. The Snow Queen is so named for having powerful ice elemental powers, something her daughter did not inherit.

(38. 2. 2.) REBEL SPIRIT

Jason and S.k.i.d continue there travels, before they arrive on a supposedly primitive era planet, Carna. However, the two quickly discover that an offworlder, Gisborn, had subjugated the world in order to take advantage of it's bountiful natural resources. Jason and S.k.i.d quickly rise to oppose the would be overlord, although they lack the resources to take him down outright. Jason and S.k.i.d are later tracked down by Kate Sa, one of the last surviving native freedom fighters opposing Gisborn. Although initially reluctant, Jason eventually accepts her offer to join him, the three travelers adopting the name “Red Star Revolution” in honor of Kate's fallen comrades.

Further info: Despite his relative lack of resources and firepower, Gisborn was able to withstand the efforts of the Crusaders by using the great amounts of nearly indestructible “Core Metal” found on Carna to build his servants extremely tough armor and weapons, evening the odds against the Crusaders.

(39. 3. 3.) ASSASINS GUILD

Jason, Kate and S.k.i.d are found planning there next move against Gisborn on an abandoned forest planet. However, the three are separated by shadowed figures who destroy there gunship, the Explorer II. The three revolutionary’s barely manage to fight off the attackers, until Jason finally confronts the entire group at once. With timely aid from his allies, Jason defeats the attackers, who admit to being members of the “Assassins Guild”, hired to kill Jason by Gisborn.

Further info: The Assassins Guild is the most ancient and effective group of Assassins known to the Crusaders, being responsible for the death of many legendary figures. Although believed destroyed thousands of years ago, they are introduced in this story as being reorganized, using PhaseBlades, and being under the command of someone with a personal grudge against Jason.


After the failed assassination attempt on them, the Red Star Revolution (RSR) return to Carna to launch another attack on Gisbron. However, realizing they won't be able to overcome the nearly indestructible “Army of Darkness” protecting Gisborn. However, Unbeknownst to Gisborn, Jason and the others had recruited three of S.k.i.d's “brothers” into there force. When the additional warriors unveil themselves, Gisborns forces are routed and the would be overlord is forced to flee to a second city fortress.

Further info: After there own gunships destruction last story, the RSR were given permission by Mike and Victoria Sanders to use the original Explorer as there own transportation and vessel, which they would do for the rest of Revolution. S.k.i.d's “brothers” K.i.d, J.o.b.e and B.o.e would serve with the RSR for rest of the series, but they remained less developed supporting characters.

(41. 5. 5.) MONSTER

After several villages that helped the RSR disappear, left in flames and rubble, Jason and Kate decides to infiltrate Gisborns fortress to see what was going on. What they discovers is a massive and ancient rock/water elemental that Gisborn had imprisoned and has been using to destroy his rivals. When the S.k.i.d's attempt to meet up with there allies reviles Jason and Kate's presence to Gisborn, Jason improvises and lets the elemental lose, which promptly destroys a good portion of Girbon's forces, allowing the RSR to escape.

Further info: The elemental featured in this story is described as an ancient creature created by an unknown source only known as the “Samaritans” hundreds of years in the past. This story also firmly establishes Kate and Jason's mutual interest and attraction to each other.

(42. 6. 6.) TO CATCH A TIGER

With Gisborn and his forces temporarily busy, Jason and the RSR are free to perform other peacekeeping missions. To this end, they are contacted by “The Head”, a shadowy figure claiming to be an Allie of Jason's Father, who owes him a debt. To this end, he asks for Jason and RSR's help. When they arrive however, they are quickly ambushed and captured by Assassins Guild members. They are brought before the Head, who turns out to be Chang, the leader of the Assassins Guild who was actually one of the many villain Fredrick defeated, now seeking revenge. Jason and the other manage to escape, but Chang swears vengeance.

Further info: Chang is a member of the rare Scorpiko species. Despite appearing Humanoid, Scorpiko's have a number of stark biological differences from the norm, most noticeably a second pair of arms and the ability to turn invisible. Chang lost his lower pair of arms in a duel with Fredrick, hence the desire for revenge.

(43. 7. 7.) REPUBLIC

After there escape from the Assassins Guild last time, Jason and his allies decide that it is more imperative to focus on the Assassins than Gisborn, as the latter affects a much smaller area. To this end, when the RSR detect a small group of Assassins headed fro the Republic's capital world they quickly take off after them, in hopes of saving whoever there target might be. Despite being caught up in Republican politics, Jason still manages to find and defeat the Assassins, finally earning respect as the second Crusader.

Further info: In this story, the target the Assassins Guild is contracted to kill is the controversially paciest President Northan, whose return to the more peaceful ways employed by the Republic before the war with the War Droid Empire earned him a death mark. This story also features Talon, Chang's top enforcer.


Roughly a year after the last story, Gisborn and his forces have been reinforced by a large group of the Assassins Guild's finest. Unable to directly attack there base of power, the RSR has instead taken to attacking smaller targets such as convoys. In particular, when Gisborn creates a hover train line alongside the mostly medieval era Carna society, Jason decides to board it and steal its cargo. Although the train turns out to be protected by a trio of Assassins, the RSR manages to pull off the raid, although the train is accidentally destroyed in the process.

Further info: This story begins the fifth “season” of Horizons. The only Assassin to survive the RSR's raid is a young woman known as “Wryven” who is knocked off the trains roof halfway through the battle. Due to her failure, she is expelled from the Guild, setting up some later stories, including the very next one. This story also establishes the existence of some degree of animosity between Kate and Jason over the latter’s more pragmatic actions.

(45. 9. 2.) FOUNDATION

While on the run from the Assassins Guild, Kate accidentally crashes the Explorer in Carna's floating mountains. While there, Kate runs across an exiled Wryven. Although the two initially fight, they quickly realize they will need to work together to survive the brutal terrain and pursuing Assassins. During this time, Wryven relates her personal history, specifically her birth into the male dominated Guild and troubled relationship with her brother Talon. By the end of the story, Kate and Wryven have struck up something of a friendship, leading to the former Assassin occasionally joining the RSR on missions.

Further info: The floating Mountains, Wryven's hiding place of choice, are a dozen or so small mountains that, due to a “weak spot” of gravity on Carna's surface, float several miles over the Planet's surface. This story also shows Kate slowly losing faith in Jason (Despite a continued mutual attraction), as she relates a tale of him almost sacrificing an innocent bystander to gain an advantage over Gisborn.

(46. 10. 3) BREAKUP

This story begins with Jason and Kate savagely yelling at each other. In a short flashback, the RSR's latest mission against Gisborn is interrupted by a delegation from the Alliance. The ambassadors inform them that the Shadowmen have launched a massive invasion of the nearby “Kelam cluster” galaxy, thus leading the Alliance to seek out help in the form of the current Crusader. However, this infuriates Kate as she wants the RSR to continue freeing her people from Gisborn. When S.k.i.d takes Kate's side, Jason angrily informs them that he will take the mission solo. In turn, Kate informs him that one of the innocents he allowed to die was her little sister, before she angrily leaves. Jason departs with the Alliance.

Further info: The Alliance is the predominant galactic government in both the Revin and Kelam clusters, although it is comparatively young and small. The Shadowmen, on the other hand, have defeated the Box in the battle for the Proxima galaxy, leaving them free to once again begin there conquests.


Almost a year after the last story, Jason is still working alongside the Alliance against the Shadowmen. Although he is still plagued about leaving the other members of the RSR behind, Jason has worked closely with the Alliance members, especially a female commando by the name of Christina. Together the two accomplish numerous missions over the course of the war, culminating in them stealing almost all the Shadowmen's military plans. Finally, the Alliance is ready to carry out it's first counter offensive.

Further info: A native of the rich aristocratic planet of Newbulu, Christina joined the Alliance Honor Commandos mostly as an act of rebellion against her parents. Rising quickly through the ranks, she became a front line commander, leading to her partnership and mutual attraction with Jason.

(48. 12. 5.) PASSING SHADOWS

For the past year, the RSR (Minus Jason) has had little success in there attempts to overthrow Gisborn, with his forces always being a step ahead of them. However, Kate and the others catching wind of a crushing Alliance defeat at the hands of the Shadowmen, combined with there continued inability to get in contact with Jason, leads them to Sanctum where they rendezvous with the retired Explorers. Together, the two generations of adventures, as well as Jason's younger sister, take off for the Proxima galaxy. There, they find a devastated planet, the only survivor of the battle between the Shadowmen and the Alliance being a shell shocked Jason. After a brief reconciliation, and high speed battle/escape from “Shadow” reinforcements, the Explorers and RSR withdraw, allowing for peace negotiations between the two Intergalactic powers.

Further info: The battle on the unnamed planet in this story (Dubbed “The Death Field” by Jason) was a week long engagement between the Alliance and Shadowmen both on the ground and space. In the end, the Alliance forces were killed (Including Christina) and Jason used a Zion Shard (Gifted to him by his Father) to destroy the “Shadow” forces.

(49. 13. 6.) BETRAYAL

Now completely reunited, Jason and the other members of the RSR return to Carna, fully intending to put a permanent end to Gisborn's occupation. However, they are plagued by the same problems they had before: Gisborn and his forces always being a step ahead of them. However, Jason suspects that the RSR is being spied on and sets up a trap to put a stop to it. Instead, it is reviled that one of there own, J.o.b.e, has betrayed them and has been sending information to Gisborn. A brief but fierce battle ensues, with Gisborn's forces eventually rescuing there double agent.

Further info: Unlike his previous appearances, which have all shown him to be hot headed to the point of recklessness, this story has Jason acting in an level headed and restrained manner, a result of his experiences against the Shadowmen. J.o.b.e decided to betray Jason and the RSR out of the belief that he and his brothers were being treated as slaves.

(50. 14. 7.) CHIMES OF VICTORY

Gisborn and J.o.b.e discuss there next move now that J.o.b.e's true nature has been discovered. Gisborn is convinced that his forces are more than enough to handle them, while J.o.b.e argues that the pain of betrayal while remove them from the fight entirely. Meanwhile, Jason and the others plan a full scale attack against Gisborn's headquarters: without his invincible army, ancient monster or mole, removing the would be conqueror was a matter of ease. The attack succeeds, Gisborn is killed and Carna finally freed.

Further info: Although Kate and Jason had already largely overcome there differences already, this story cements this. Jason finishes off Gisborn (Just as Kate did away with the Shadowman commander responsible for Christina's death), Jason gets over his hot hotheadedness (What largely caused the rift in the first place) and they finally reunite. J.o.b.e escapes at the end of the story.

(51. 15. 1.) WITCH HUNT

Several years after the last story, J.o.b.e continues to evade capture by the RSR, although his former teammates get closer every day. Eventually, Wryven catches wind that he has thrown his lot in with a rebellious group of Alliance solders that refused to accept the peace treaty offered by the Shadowmen. The RSR arrive at there isolated base, where Jason convinces the renegade leaders to step down and S.k.i.d is forced to gun down his 'brother'.

Further info: This story marks Wryven's fifth appearance (The Ex-assassin having also taken part in 'Chimes of Victory' & 'Passing Shadows') as well as the beginning of a new 'Season'. The rouge Alliance guards members headquarters are located on Zeta III, a planet rich with native life forms despite still being in the throngs of an ice age.