A speciel branch of the Imperial Collective, the Emperors Guard consisted of the Crusaders allies, as well as the Crusader Samantha herself (the Emperor from the title). NOTE: Samantha has her own page. Back to index




An A.I created almost a century ago by the fourth Crusader Ixil, V.enus was tasked with discovering and guiding the next Crusader, who turned out to be Samantha. Acting as her closest Allie (saving her life many times) V.enus remained with Samantha until V.enus contracted and succumbed to a cancerous virus that could infect both A.I's and organic beings, although Samantha managed to save her memory and rebuild her. Although mostly incapable of interacting with solids, V.enus could temporarily take control of droid bodies, occasionally wielding a yellow bladed Phaseblade with a similar make to Samantha's.

Wayne Edit



In a similar vane to V.enus, Wayne was a mercenary hired by Ixil (post-mortem via V.enus) to work with the fifth Crusader, with Ixil wanting to avoid the next Crusader having as few as allies as he had. Eventually deciding to stay with Samantha out of loyalty instead of pay, Wayne was an expert fighter, especially with a sniper rifle. After Samantha's "death" Wayne went back to working as a mercenary, albeit a much more scrupled one. Wayne's phaseblade had a dark red blade and produced noticeably more heat then the norm.

Clark Edit



After temporarily losing her memory (long story) Samantha temporarily worked for a independent captain and duelist Clark. After regaining her memory, Samantha invited Clark to join her in her travels, an offer Clark gladly accepted. Largely becoming her second in command, Clark and Samantha shared mutual feelings for each other, stemming from the fact they met by accidentally being married (again, long story). After Samantha's "death" Clark was urged by a recording of her to seek out someone new, which he eventually did. Clark's blue bladed weapon, in the long tradition of sword-masters who worked with the Crusaders, was built with his specific fighting style in mind, expertly weighed to his dueling style.

Clar Edit



A former member of the lowly slave class of the Heretics, Clar joined the Emperors Guard after she was freed by Samantha and pledged her loyalty to her and her allies. A natural with supernatural powers, Clar acted as the Guards spell-caster and almost never used a firearm. Trained by both Clark and Wayne Clar also became skilled with the blade. After Samantha's "death", Due to the Heretic species short lifespan, Clar passed away not long afterwards. She wielded two purple bladed weapons marked with minuscule markings from her species and culture.

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