Cosmos is a space snake, a young one at that. He is a rare yellow-black variation. Cosmos originates from the 2nd universe in Into the Void.

Stats Edit

Quick Stats: Edit

Length: 200-300 Miles long

Strength: Cosmos has been shown to take down a fleet of Black Robots

Average Speed: Sub-Light

Looks Edit

Cosmos looks like a giant yellow-black snake. measuring in around 2-300 miles long, Cosmos is aculy a vary young for a spacesnake, only being around 600 years of age.


Cosmos has no shields. As for armor he has shrugged off attacks from a Black Robot attack fleet, the preceded to destroy said fleet.


He has no range weapons, though space snakes have been shown to develop a acid-spit attack at around 1,000 years of age, but since Cosmos is just 600 he doesn't have this attack. Instead he attacks by hitting his target with his tail, biting them while injecting acid through his fangs, and constricting his prey to death.