Code is Ranger's alternate universe evil twin. Boasting The Katana instead of The Sword. Somewhere on the line there was a decision which turned Ranger good, and Code bad. Code looks like Ranger, Except instead of a trench coat, he wears a leather jacket. Code made a devise called The Link. a hand held tube with a red button that allows anything touching it to transport to an alternate universe. Back to Into the Void

Bio Edit

Code's Adventures through time and space started the same way Ranger's did. with a battlecruiser being dropped on his home town. preceded by a 3 year coma and the robing of his Katana and ship Code went on out to fight evil and protect good. but defeat after defeat drove Code to madness and stop fighting for good and start fighting for the adrenaline surge he gets from that sort of situlization. until he conquered his universe in all time eras. with no one else to fight Code started work on The Link to get him to other universes so he can fight again He went on to take several universes before stumbling on Rangers and the 1st encounter ended with Code being forced back into his original universe. Only for him to return several times. an endless battles between to even people on to different side. One winning again and again only by "cheating". After being defeated again and agian he made The Link a projectile weapon. and used it on Ranger when he showed up. and proceeded to take over Earth. His reign ended when Ranger returned and joined forces with the resistance and took back Earth.