Cadon Marcon is a human military personnel from mars. He has been trying to keep Ranger as sane as possible since he 1st landed on mars. Back to Index

Bio Edit

Born in 1985 in a Mars colony. when he became


18 he was drafted into the army. a few years later he got 1st hand experience in war. after peace had been made the human colony had grown into 3 cities. when Cadon was 30 Ranger landed in the same city and Cadon emeadily wanted to get rid of him. instead he ended up visiting Earth for the 1st time. And took instant dislike to it because it had to much blue. In 3 years he went to Earth for the 4th time, this time to stay. after Jordan Littlefeild stepped down from being in charge of Project ED Cadon took over and expanded the reach to not just Earth but also Mars and is continually expanding it through out the galaxy.