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Book List Edit

  1. The Adventures Begin
  2. Doppelgangers Deceive
  3. Blood Money
  4. Iron Warriors
  5. The Ugly Beast
  6. The Robot's MainFrame
  7. The vires in the Code
  8. The Good Doctor
  9. The Story of Jordan Littlefeild
  10. The Guardians of Zion
  11. Tanks for the Army
  12. How the Univears Died
  13. Blades of Plasma
  14. Puppet Masters
  15. The Plan of Reveange
  16. The Return of the Dead
  17. Vinjalanty Fun
  18. Ruler of Nothing
  19. The Hunt Begains
  20. Assasins in Plane Sight
  21. Man of Evil
  22. Army of Destrotion
  23. Cyborgazation
  24. The Honor Systym
  25. The Downfall of Mars