"This is my sword. There are many like it... but this one is mine"


Badger is a young member of a blue-skinned race of Humanoids. No one's sure which of the three blue-skinned races on the Galactic scene is, and he frankly doesn't care.

He is the latest addition to The Crew. At least, until Ash joins

Childhood Edit

Badger's parents died when he was very young, leaving him to care for himself and his younger sister. They grew up on the streets and in various holes of their home city, never having much but each other.

Badger did his best to educate his little sister, made much harder by the fact he himself was mute. Their harsh life made both of them strong. Badger discovered his talent for Healing very early on, caring for his sister

This "peaceful" life was destroyed by Badger's sister disappearing, taken one night by a shadowy creature. Badger left everything behind, resolving to find and save her, no matter the cost

Involvement with the Order Edit

Badger's search for his missing family, and the monster who took her, lead him into Space, and then to the remnants of the legendary Order. Needing combat training very badly, he joined their ranks

During his apprenticeship, Badger learned the secret history of the Order: despite their fame as the greatest of warriors, they were actually a guild of medics, with myth much exaggerating their roles in the wars of old

Natural talent combined with sheer determination made Badger one of the most promising students of the Order in its history. That is, until he left in middle of the night, grateful for the life the Order had offered him, but still determined to find his sister

Joining the Homebound Edit

Badger's search continued, bringing him to the trading post world of New Light. There he finally faced the Monster, and would have perished if not for the timely arrival of Rift and Mathias. The two had been tracking the Monster with their own means, and decided to join forces with the young man (Though his bitter disposition did give them pause).

Originally just a passenger, Badger's drive to help saw him become the ship's doctor (Their previous M.D having recently left). Taken under the wing of both Books, Badger has benefited from their experience a lot, finally having something close to real parent figures. Sadly, when they finally found their way to the monster's lair, it was too late to save Badger's sister

They did rescue the Monster's favorite "pet", Ash. There was a lot of resentment between the two at first, but Badger gradually warmed up to the unbreakable young girl who had survived in the monster's care for so long (Albeit without all her limbs). Ash has inspired him to push the limits of his abilities, maybe even one day being able to regrow body parts wholesale, or cure entire plagues at once